Kevin Marks, co-founder of Microformats, argues that Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are causing an “infographic plague” because they won’t support HTML.

The rise of so-called infographics has been out of control this year, though the term was unknown a couple of years ago. I attribute this to the favourable presentation that image links get within Facebook, followed by Twitter and Google plus, and of course though other referral sites like Reddit. By showing a preview of the image, the item is given extra weight over a textual link; indeed even for a url link, Facebook and G+ will show an image preview by default.

Over at The Atlantic, Megan McArdle also tackles the infographic plague, showing how marketers are using them simply to drive traffic to whatever it is they’re selling, without regard for the actual data in them. 
Image: Y U No Like HTML, Just PIX? by Kevin Marks.

It's true. Husband: You know. This will be the 4th Christmas we will spend together?
me: i know. time flies
Husband: I've known you for 5 1/2 years
me: yep. gets better every day, friend.

Desk at work is a little more festive.

My husband, the romantic. Me: Hello, dear. I love you.
Scott: Hello!! I'm Lindsay Lohan!!!

You probably heard they had a midnight raid and the cops went down and cleaned out Zuccotti park… so if you’re keeping score, here it is: Protesters arrested, 70; Wall Street executives arrested: 0.

The mayor said the reason protesters were thrown out of Zuccotti was because the conditions were hazardous, dangerous, and unsanitary and I’m saying, if that’s a reason to throw people out of the park, we’d ALL have to leave New York City.

— David Letterman (via kateoplis)

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Neat! Thanks, Mash. :)

(eww.. dump.) Today I will reorganize the pantry. I will stop blaming the pantry for being so small and just do what I have to do to make my kitchen a little more functional. While I’m at it, I’m going to take all of those amazing Pinterest closet reorganizing ideas and go to town on my linen closet. It still baffles my mind how stay-at-home moms find time to take photos of how they organize their ribbon collection and have such a huge following on the Internet. Do they actually make money - like serious money - by blogging about laundry room redesign projects? I dunno. Ugh, I wish husband wouldn’t have started a fire, because now it’s starting to get nice and toasty and I don’t want to leave. Target beckons and my shopping list is getting longer and longer. It’s just so cold outside. Winter sucks. I hate being cold. I hate being so white. I hate that there are only 3 more regular season Auburn football games. I can’t wait to go back next year. College was an amazing season in my life. I’m sure it won’t be the best, because I have a lot of life to live. I just feel like I’m in a holding pattern. Is that a quarter-life crisis coming out? I turn 26 next week.

Stone crab claws. The aftermath.

Get in my belly. Stone crab claws. On nom nom.


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